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Jeremiah – YHWH Can Draw A Straight Line With A Crooked Stick

November 8, 2019

Jeremiah Study 14  (right click, save as to download)

Jeremiah (right click, save as to download)


  • Jeremiah 14: 1-6
    • Drought is coming
    • Law of Moses is still in effect at this time
    • Deuteronomy 28:
      • If you (Israel) fully obey YHWH
      • YHWH set the conditions
      • Worst case scenario, Israel ejected from The Land
      • vs 15: Curses for disobedience
      • vs 22: You (Israel): wasting, fever, inflammation, heat, drought, mildew
  • Jeremiah 14:7-12
    • Jeremiah is confession apostasy even though he is probably sinless in this area, he is confessing corporately for Israel.
    • vs 8: YHWH – The Hope of Israel
    • vs 9: Don’t forsake us
      • Yeshua: “I will never forsake you.”
    • vs 11: YHWH commands Jeremiah, “do not pray for them”.
    • Jeremiah 31:27-33


Chronology of Jeremiah

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