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Jeremiah – The Fall of Jerusalem

August 14, 2020

Jeremiah Study 43  (right click, save as to download)

Jeremiah (right click, save as to download)


  • Jeremiah 52: 1-3
    • Zedekiah
      • Last King to rein in Jerusalem
      • 21 y/o, 597 BC
      • Reined for 11 years
      • Babylon destroyed Israel
      • Did evil in sight of the LORD.
  • Jeremiah 52: 4-11
    • 586 BC: Babylon’s Nebuchadnezzar sieged Jerusalem
    • Severe famine
    • Zedekiah was captured in the plains of Jericho
      • Taken to Riblah
      • Zedekiah’s sons were slaughtered before him
      • then blinded
      • remained in prison till his death
  • Jeremiah 52:12-16
    • Nebuzaradan: “Chief of Staff”
      • Burned
        • House of the LORD
        • The King’s house
        • all the houses of Jerusalem
        • Every large house
      • broke down the walls around Jerusalem
      • Took
        • Some poorest of the land
        • those who where left in the city
        • deserters
      • Left the poorest of the land to live off the land
  • Jeremiah 52:17-23
    • Taken to Babylon from the Temple
      • Bronze pillars,
      • Bronze Stands
      • Bronze Sea
      • Pots, Shovels, snuffers. basins, pans
      • bowls, fire pans, basins, pots, lamp stands, fine gold and silver
  • Jeremiah 52:24-27
    • Taken
      • Seaiah the chief priest
      • Zephaniah the second priest
      • temple officers
      • city officials
      • All put to death
    • Judah led away to exile, as prophesied.
  • Jeremiah 52: 28-30
    • Those exiled: probably/possibly a later group after  586 BC
  • Jeremiah 52: 31-34
    • King served for 1 year, (Jehoiachin/Jeconiah), Babylon exiled him,
      • Life in Messiah (descendant of King David: None of Jeconiah’s descendants will sit on the throne) Mary’s genealogy is traced not through Jeconiah but through Mary – Nathan
      • Placed in prison by Evil-merodach (Nebuchadnezzar’s successor) and 20 years later Jeconiah is released from prison


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