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Jeremiah – YHWH’s Discipline

November 15, 2019

Jeremiah Study 15  (right click, save as to download)

Jeremiah (right click, save as to download)


  • Jeremiah 14: 1-6
    • Drought is coming
    • Law of Moses is still in effect at this time
    • Deuteronomy 28:
      • If you (Israel) fully obey YHWH
      • YHWH set the conditions
      • Worst case scenario, Israel ejected from The Land
      • vs 15: Curses for disobedience
      • vs 22: You (Israel): wasting, fever, inflammation, heat, drought, mildew
  • Jeremiah 14:13-18
    • False Prophets say
      • No there will not be destruction, famine or plagues
      • Ignore Jeremiah, he does not know
  • Jeremiah 14:19-22
    • Jeremiah’s response
      • Did you reject us?
      • Do you despise Zion?
      • Have you stricken us beyond hope?
    • We know our wickedness
      • Jeremiah praying/interceding for Israel even when he was told not to
      • Jeremiah confessing for himself but for Israel
    • vs 21, reminding YHWH
      • Your Name
      • Glory of Your throne
      • Remember Your covenant
  • Jeremiah 15:1-4
    • YHWH’s response to Jeremiah
      • Not even if Moses and Samuel said the same thing
      •  Revelation 18:4 – There will be a time when Israel will be called out of the nations and avoid the coming judgement.
    • vs 3: 4 kinds of doom
      • sword
      • dogs
      • birds
      • beast
    • vs 4: Manasseh
      • means “causing to forget”, named after the son of Joseph Gen 41:51, but obviously a different Manasseh here.
      • Son of King Hezekiah
      • Evil King of Judah sacrificed his son to foreign gods, 2 Kings 21:16


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