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Jeremiah – The King’s YES MEN

June 12, 2020

Jeremiah Study 36 (right click, save as to download)

Jeremiah (right click, save as to download)


  • Jeremiah 38: 1-6This is Jeremiah’s message:
      • Remain in the city and die
      • Exile to Babylon and live
    • The Court Officials
  • Jeremiah 38:7-13King’s eunuch goes to speak with the King
      • Ebed Melek (“servant of the king”)
      • Proselyte or Slave??
  • Jeremiah 38: 14-23Zedekiah asked Jeremiah AGAIN to tell him the word of YHWH
    • Jeremiah, “Are you kidding? You know you will kill me AND you still won’t listen!”
    • Zedekiah, “I promise”
    • Options: Choose wisely!Go out to the officers of the king of Babylon = survive
      • Don’t go out to them = the city will burn
    • v 19: Fear of Man
    • What to do?! 2 Peter 3: 8-9
  • Jeremiah 38: 24-28

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