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Jeremiah – Righteous Branch

February 28, 2020


Jeremiah Study 22  (right click, save as to download)

Jeremiah (right click, save as to download)


  • Jeremiah 23:1-8
    • Shepherds – destroying and scattering, corruption
    • YHWH turning attention to these shepherds and it does not go well for them
    • YHWH will bring the nation back to the land
    • I will raise up pastors/shepherds; but righteous one
    • “The Days are coming” – prophesy
      • From David a righteous branch in The Land (Yeshua)
      • Isaiah 4:2-6: “branch of the LORD”
      • Isaiah 11:1-9 “Branch will bear fruit”, Stump of Jesse, the father of David
    • The LORD: YHWH our righteousness
    • Days are coming: people will not be thinking about Passover but Israel coming back to The Land
      • Matthew 24:14 – Good news of the Kingdom (when the King reigns from The Temple)
  • Jeremiah 23:9-12 – Against the prophets
  • Jeremiah 23:13-15 – False prophets
  • Jeremiah 23:16-22 – Don’t listen to the lying prophets
  • Jeremiah 23:23-32 – Lies
  • Jeremiah 23:33-40
    • Shepherds mock Jeremiah, “Whats the word today?”
    • Jeremiah says, “The LORD will destroy you.”

Chronology of Jeremiah

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