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The Life of Christ 15

April 1, 2011

The Life of Christ

Life of Christ Study 15 adobe(Right click, save to download) (Adobe Reader free)

The Life of Christ 15  (opens new tab/ Right click, save to download)

Reference materials


II. Messiah’s Authority over Demons – Section 42
Mark 1:21-28
Luke 4:31-37
III. Messiah’s Authority over Disease – Section 43
Mark 1:29-34
Matthew 8:14-17
Luke 4:38-41
IV. Messiah’s Authority to Preach – Section 44
Mark 1:35-39
Matthew 4:23-25
Luke 4:42-44
V. Messiah’s Authority over Defilement – Section 45
Mark 1:40-45
Matthew 8:2-4
Luke 5:12-16

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