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Ephesians – Who’s in charge?

November 23, 2018


Ephesians Study 04 (right click, save as, to download)

Ephesians (right click, save as, to download)


  • Ephesians 1:19-23
    • Matthew 16:18
      • Peter: Petros – “a rock or a stone”, one of the twelve disciples of Yeshua
      • Rock: petra – “a rock, a large stone”, metaphorically, by reason of firmness and strength of soul
        • referring to Matthew 16:16: Peter’s confession/statement: “You (Iesous/Yeshua: “Yehovah is salvation”) are the Christ (Christos/Messiach: “Anointed” ), the Son (huios) of the living God (Theos/Yehovah)
      • Church: (Ekklesia/Qahal): Assembly. Wrongly translated as church, Anglo-Saxon “Circ”

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