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Revelation – Mighty Angel – Small Scroll

November 24, 2017

Apocalypse 13. An angel appears with a book. Revelation cap 10 v 3. Mortier's Bible. Phillip Medhurst CollectionRevelation Study 15  (Right click, Save As, to download)

Revelation   (Right click, Save As, to download)

  • A Mighty Angel: compare
    • John’s Revelation     vs Daniel’s Revelation
    • Revelation 10:1-3    vs Daniel 12
    • Approx. 95 AD          vs Approx. 500 BC
  • A Small Scroll

Revelation Time Line: (OldSalt1979)

The Day Of The LORD OT and NT

The Seven Ekklesia of Revelation

The Age of the Ekklesia

Chart of the number 7 in Revelation

Bonus: The Purpose of The Day Of The LORD?

  1. R_______________________

  2. R_______________________

  3. R_______________________

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