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Return from Babylon – Introduction

August 5, 2016

Return from Babylon – Introduction


Ezra and Nehemiah

Return from Babylon Study 01 (Right click, save as, to download)

Return from Babylon   (Right click, save as, to download)

  • References
  •  History
    • Egypt 1400 BC: Israel is beginning to form as a nation, even in captivity
      • Moses leads the people of Israel out of Egyptian slavery
      • Israel begins to enter the Promised Land; after 40 years of wilderness
    • Kings: height of Israel as a nation empire
      • Saul: 1100 BC
      • David: 1000 BC
      • Solomon: 930 BC
    • Break up: North (10 tribes) and South (2 tribes)
      • 10 Northern tribes, create a “temple” on Mt Gerizim in Samaria
      • 2 Southern tribes, worship in Jerusalem
    • Assyria 800 BC
      • Isaiah prophesies
      • Northern Kingdom conquered in 721 BC
    • Babylon 680 BC
      • Jeremiah prophesies
      • Babylon begins to conquer former Assyrian land
      • Babylon takes the former Northern Kingdom and Southern Kingdoms 586 BC
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