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Genesis 67 – Blessings and Prophecy

August 28, 2015

Blessings and Prophecy


Genesis Study 67 (Right click, save as, to download)

Genesis (Right click, save as, to download)


 Reference materials


  • Genesis 49 Jacob’s Prophecy of the Tribes of Israel
    • 1-4: Reuben: lack of self-control, lost birthright.
    • 5-7: Simeon and Levi: Violent nature will be dispersed.
    • 8-12: Judah: “Praise”, Ruler, all nations
      • Isaiah 63:1-6
      • Revelation: 14:17-20
      • Revelation: 19:11-15
    • 13: Zebulun: maritime trade even though the land grant was land locked. Jonah was from this tribe
    • 14-15: Issachar: Laziness will end up being a servant to others
    • 16-18: Dan: “Judge”, Samson was from this tribe
    • 19: Gad: located on the east of the Jordan Gad was prone to raids
    • 20: Asher: Land produced great harvest
    • 21: Naphtali: Mountainous lands and with a gift of speach
    • 22-26: Joseph: Blessings because of G_D’s hand
    • 27: Benjamin: War like. Saul (1st King), Johnathan, Ehud, Modecai, Ester. Apostle Paul from this tribe

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