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Trust God! – Albert Diepeveen

January 16, 2015

Trust God

Albert D


Trust God and His word (to download, right click link and save)



G_d can direct by supplying or withholding money.

When you decide to operate by the principle of G_d’s word you will not fit into society of which we are living now.

What out when you are in step with the world because the world is never instep with G_d.

Prerequisite for trust is: You know G_d’s word, acknowledge His authority, accepting His direction and accepting our responsibility.

A Christian must learn to accept latitude than to dictate G_d’s law.

Worry is taking on the responsibility that belongs to G_d

Money and Wealth are only tools for doing G_d’s work.

A Christian must remember that we only manage G_d’s recourses.

Everyone must eventually die and leave all his wealth behind.

If we are ethical it is because our practices are motivated by principle rather than by profit.

We need to follow G_d’s rules even if it costs us a bunch.

One can learn more from trials than from triumphs.

There is a special place for people without problems: it is called a cemetery.

Reputation is what others think of you, character is what G_d knows you are.

Circumstances or crisis never create character, they only reveal it.

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